*****WARNING****** Amazon ONLINE Shoppers!!!!

AMAZON is one of the BIGGEST online shopping sites in the world today and as with other sites, they are NOT infallible to those that wish to DECEIVE you…..Here is a WARNING EVERYONE SHOULD NOW, if you or someone you know, is using AMAZON

7 AWESOME Uses For Zip Ties!

Zip Ties~are one of the most fantastic inventions, the world has ever seen. Here are 7 interesting ways to use them, reuse them, unlock them and even trim the lawn with them! They come in an assortment of colors and sizes too!! Please, LIKE/SHARE/COMMENT

What She Does With A Glue Gun? I’m Running To Get Mine!!!

Here are 10 super cute and easy DIYs for Halloween! 1 Click on this link to view template➜ https://www.dropbox.com/s/qto98g26qo5k5oq/eyeliner%20template.pdf?dl=0 2 Click “Download” (on the top right corner) 3 Locate & open file then Print template 4 Insert Eyeliner Template in a clear sheet protector