She Takes An Empty Kitty Litter Container And Creates THIS!! CLEVER!!

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NO ONE likes the job of cleaning the kitty box, but this will make it so much easier and cleaner! Another added benefit, you can always make a new one, when this one gets old or nasty!

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What you’ll need:
Empty Litter Container, Square or straight edge, Marking pen, Xacto or utility knife, Duct tape, litter bags (or any plastic bag), Rubberband.

Step by step instructions
Gather supplies

Remove label

Using an angle square, straight edge or ruler, draw a line 45 degrees from the handle to the opposite side of the container, ending about 1″ from the base.

Approximately 1″ from the edge, draw a parallel line, living approximately 1″ from the bottom.

Connect the lines from the angled edge, to the straight edge, at the base of the container.


Using your Xacto knife, utility knife, or any straight edge knife, cut along the lines you have marked.

This is what it should now look like:

From the handle to the bottom of the container, place a strip of duct tape along the edge. Leaving yourself HALF of the tape exposed.

Gently fold the edge from the handle over, to meet with the other side of the container and secure the duct tape.

Do the same on the other side and trim the tape if you need to.

If your container has molded ridges, just follow those lines or just cut out slits big enough for the litter to fall through, but small enough to keep the waste material from falling through. (OPTIONAL: You can use a hole punch, drill, or hot iron to create sifting holes)

Remove the cap to the container and place a litter bag. (Optional: Baggie or any plastic store bag) and secure it with a rubberband. (Optional: if you’re using store bags, either 1) cut 2 slits on either side, run the handles through and tie. Or attach a couple of “command hooks”, run bag handles through the container handle, to keep the bag in place)

This is what the end product should look like.

Now you are ready to Scoop the Poop away!!