What She Does With A Glue Gun? I’m Running To Get Mine!!!

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Here are 10 super cute and easy DIYs for Halloween!

1 Click on this link to view template➜ https://www.dropbox.com/s/qto98g26qo5k5oq/eyeliner%20template.pdf?dl=0
2 Click “Download” (on the top right corner)
3 Locate & open file then Print template
4 Insert Eyeliner Template in a clear sheet protector or Ziploc gallon bag. You could even laminate it.
5 Last but not least, paint away & have FUN! : ) MUST READ Below!

V E R Y I M P O R T A N T****
I used acrylic paint to paint over the eyeliner design. Yes, acrylic paint is very thin so what I did was expose the paint to air (which thickens it.) If you use acrylic paint like I did, you have to apply 3-5 coats or else this will NOT work. After painting, let the design FULLY dry. Once fully dry, apply a clear acrylic paint to add shine, otherwise, the eyeliner design will dry matte. This step is completely optional.

Additional Tip:
1 Thicken up the paint by exposing paint to air for a few minutes.
2 Apply 3-5 coats of thick acrylic paint
3 Let it FULLY dry
4 Apply a shiny acrylic paint to add shine

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