You HAVE To Learn This Tick Removal Trick Before You Go Camping!!!

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Summertime is a great time to get the family outside and enjoy a good old-fashioned camping trip if, you can tolerate the pests that come with it!

If you’re bitten by a tick, you need to remove it without breaking the head, in order to prevent the risk of infection or contracting one of the many diseases they carry.

The first video below has been gaining popularity on the internet, but the CDC warns that it is “folklore medicine.” In this method, a cotton swab is doused in water or petroleum jelly and the tick is slowly turned until it detaches. This method and other “tick agitation” techniques such as burning or suffocating the tick are potentially dangerous, as the tick may discharge its bodily fluids into the wound. The CDC recommends removing the tick with a pair of tweezers as shown in the second video below.

The PROPER and SAFEST way, to remove a tick!

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